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Preparing Your Business for Sale by Owner

When you are a small business owner, every major decision carries consequences and therefore requires a lot of careful thought before coming to a decision. One of the most important decisions that a small business owner can make is deciding whether to sell your business. There is a lot to preparing a business for sale […]

The 5 Questions To Ask Your Potential Business Broker

Before you hire a business broker, you need to ask them a few questions. There are actually several questions that should float around in your mind, but we will condense them down to five. By asking these questions, you can get a better idea of how the broker can help you. This will avoid choosing […]

Confidentiality: How important is it when selling a business?

In this day and age of Facebook, Instagram, twitter and other social media forums it seems like everyone is posting something about themselves for people to see or read. And although this might be acceptable in a person’s personal life, when it comes to selling a business, confidentiality is imperative.

In real estate, the objective is […]

So What’s My Business Worth?

As a business broker that is one of the first questions I get from prospective clients interested in selling their business, and rightly so. But on further discussions with the client, I am often surprised that many business owners have no idea of what their business is worth or what it might sell for in […]

Top Signs of a Healthy Business for Sale

There are plenty of businesses for sale in augusta ga, a smorgasbord, in fact, for potential buyers, but it is important to think carefully before deciding which business to buy. Buying an unprofitable business can cost you a lot of money and stress. Of all the businesses for sale in Georgia that you could buy, […]

How to Sell a Business Successfully

The dream of every entrepreneur is to establish his or her business, and earn profits out of it. And, when the business is established, lots of people like to sell their business, and make some money out of it. But, they are confused about how to sell a business. While the decision about selling the […]